To provide professional athletes in action sports with financial support after a severe injury and granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships.

Athlete Recovery Fund is 501(c)3 which is proud to support this first annual event benefitting Annika, Oskar and Kasper.  We look forward to helping establish this event to assist other families in the future.

Annual Event

In additions to other fundraising efforts, the foundation will conduct a major annual event where all of Erik and Annika’s friends, family and the entire action sports industry are able to get together and celebrate the life of the incredible and greatly missed Erik Roner.

Photo Credit

Many great photographers and videographers captured Erik’s life.  We would like to thank the ones who provided images for this site; Chris Bezamat, Adam Clark, Greg Vondoersten and Annie Robillard we appreciate you sharing your journey.

Valuable Time

We have so many amazing people already donating their valuable time to help make the event and the foundation a huge success, we can’t wait to release the details surrounding this annual fundraiser.

The Roner Legacy

Annika Roner is looking forward to the opportunities for the Foundation to help other athletes. She commented, “Everybody has been so incredibly kind to me, I have received so much and now I want to help however I can, giving back to the community that has been so amazing to me.”