Erik Roner


“Heart’s beating, feeling alive, loving every minute of it”

~ Erik Roner ~

Charting a daring life course with a passion for adventure and sport, hard work, and family, Erik was a pathfinder. Putting his talents to the test, he used his mind and body to be the best version of himself, reaching great heights and soaring over vast horizons.  Whether he was skiing, base jumping, skydiving, entertaining, or being part of the Nitro Circus world he created a foot print that will always be with us.

Erik came by his zest for life from his family. His parents, Lars and Rebecca, were pathfinders of their own. They married and moved to San Francisco and then to Marin County to start new careers, create new businesses, and to raise their four children –  Brooke, Erik, Thor, and Logann. They taught their children to be creative and courageous, to love travel – seeing new places and meeting new people. They promoted unwavering commitment and love for family. They expected hard work and discipline, and a love for people. These ideals were manifest in all Erik chose to do in his life. The Roner clan grew up close, connected, and with many life adventures. Many of their greatest memories center around Erik and his very large personality. He is sorely missed and greatly loved. 

He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in graphic design after originally going there to pursue a career in soccer. Erik quickly became enamored with the mountains in Utah and after graduating decided to dedicate his life to skiing.

World’s greatest free skiers & base jumpers

Over the years Erik became one of the world’s greatest free skiers and BASE jumpers, combining both as one of the pioneers of Ski BASE jumping.

Erik played a starring role in the Nitro Circus 3D Movie and performed in Nitro Circus Live shows around the world, including his astonishing base jump from the roof of the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa to open an NCL show in front of 40,000 screaming fans.  Erik also performed for MTV NC, Nitro Circus 3D movie, Crazy Train, Host of Locals on Outside TV and more.

Other facts about Erik Roner:

Snowbird Ski Team, Teton Gravity Research Movies, Featured in Ski, Powder, Freeskier and many more world wide magazines, Under World’s greatest free skiers & base jumpers.

Erik’s greatest accomplishment was his beautiful family.

Annika, Oskar & Kasper

Married to his love Annika 10-10-2009 at a beautiful Beach on Lake Tahoe. They Skydived in together and landed on the beach to start the ceremony. After that they were fortunate enough to bring two beautiful children into this world. Their son Oskar was born in 2010 the first official “Nitro Baby” he grew up on tour traveling around the world with the Nitro family. Next came daughter Kasper (KK) in 2014 a little gem of the family and full of Erik’s personality!!! They were the heart and soul of Erik’s amazing life!!